Company Profile:

Dynamic Enterprises was established as a family organization in the year 2000. Soon we gained reputation as leading manufacturers of quality sheet metal products including: SS-clean rooms for pharmaceutical companies and Hi-tech Hospitals, Laboratory furniture and Storage system for Institutions and Industries. As a R&D based concern we keep striving to improve engineering design endogenously. As a professional concern we apply scientific methodology right from start of project till accomplishment. No client is small or big for us. It is our commitment to deliver and internationalize quality products right at the user end. Our customer care outfit is available 24/7 to facilitate our valued clientele.

Technical – Workshop facility:

We have fully equipped workshop facilities namely
- Steel manufacturing workshop with mechanical machine tool shop
- Wooden manufacturing workshop equipped with appropriate machines

Our workshop facility is supported by in house design office and local resource planning function to support Good manufacturing practice.

Quality assurance and R&D function:

To control quality parameters at all levels like Selection, Procurement and manufacturing of material. It is our policy to manufacture strictly as designed and required by our valued clients. To ensure this we practice strict quality standards and maintain allowable tolerances all the way through material selection –manufacturing – logistics – roadworthy packing and delivery at site. To improve quality of design and better selection of material we strive to continue efforts and make use of in house R&D – Local resource planning and mobilization for the benefit of the end user.

Our Strength:

Our strength is our dedicated and skilled manpower supported by professional management. No work is small or big for us. We take up every project entrusted to us as a challenge and try to deliver to the best of our customers demand. Beside we have best technical & Logistical support to ensure safe on time delivery every time.

Manufacturing Control Policy:

To make our equipment deliver best results, we have quality assurance line procedure, control gauges calibration and measuring instruments available to ensure that product manufactured is strictly in accordance with dimensions provided in the shop drawings.

We would like to thank all of you, our clients, suppliers, and employees, for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you and collectively achieve our corporate and personal goals.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Muhammad Yaseen
Cheif Executive

Shoaib Yaseen
Managing Director

Mohsin Yaseen
Director Administration

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